Personal Development


At Roberttown we want our children to be able to grow and to develop emotionally, socially and spiritually so that they become confident and fulfilled young people. We want them to develop skills, confidence and independence so that they can make healthy informed and responsible choices. Through PSHE (personal, social, health and economic education) at Roberttown CE J & I School, our pupils should be able to recognise and celebrate the diversity of experiences, cultures, backgrounds and faiths in our school, wider community and the world, as this helps them to develop positive attitudes, respect and tolerance for others and develop a sense of community.

 It is our intention at Roberttown, to equip the children with the essential skills and attributes that will enable pupils to manage the challenges, opportunities and responsibilities they will face now and, in their future,to ensure they thrive as individuals, family members and members of society. From making responsible decisions about alcohol to succeeding in their first job, PSHE education helps pupils to manage many of the most critical opportunities, challenges and responsibilities they will face growing up. Over the course of their Primary Education, we aim to support pupils to explore and discuss a variety of topics in order to understand themselves better and the lives and cultures of the world around them. PSHE helps our children to consider what is important to them, now and in the future. It provides them a platform to voice their own opinions and to learn to listen and respect the opinions of others. 

Implementation: Our Approach

At Roberttown, we use the JIGSAW Programme of Study. Jigsaw, the mindful approach to PSHE, brings together Personal, Social, Health Economic education, emotional literacy, social skills and spiritual development in a comprehensive scheme of learning and aims to improve pupils’ capacity to learn, their resilience and emotional well-being and mental health and thereby enhance their life-chances.

The scheme is divided in to 6 puzzles (themes/units of work): Being Me in My World, Celebrating Difference (including anti-bullying), Dreams and Goals, Healthy Me, Relationships and Changing Me (including Sex Education.) These core themes will provide a relevant context for pupils to both broaden and deepen their understanding and develop competence in the essential skills. At Roberttown School, we believe it is important that our pupils can see how the skills acquired through looking at one issue can be transferrable in other contexts.

We understand that our world is rapidly changing and whilst the content of PSHE is vitally important, it can quickly date and we cannot predict the challenges, opportunities and responsibilities that pupils may face in their future.

 At least 1 hour a week is dedicated to the teaching of PSHE. This is through discrete sessions and tailored teaching, In addition PSHE permeates the whole of the taught and wider Curriculum we provide and pupils are given many other PSHE learning opportunities throughout their daily school life to maximise their learning opportunities.  

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