Snow/Severe Weather Arrangements

Updated November 2023

It is important to us that school is open each day, providing the 190 days annual access to education that is your child’s entitlement. However occasionally, in certain circumstances, it may be necessary that school is closed or that it may open at a later time, e.g. 10am, for the safety of children and staff. The decision to close school is not taken lightly and full consideration is given to the safety of children and staff and of the impact it may have on children and their families.  We would ask you to support any decision made.

I would like to remind you of our procedures in the case of heavy snowfalls or severe weather.

School Website:

Kirklees Website:     

  1. If the closure is known about the day before (because of extreme weather conditions and forecasts) either the Local Authority (Kirklees) or the school leadership may decide not to open the following day because of regard for pupils’ and staff welfare and safety. In this event you would be informed by an Arbor App Notification (This is an automated text to your first contact mobile phone number) and local radio stations would be informed. The school website and the Kirklees website would also be updated to say that school is closed.
  2. If the closure has to be called because of extremely severe weather conditions overnight an Arbor App Notification would be sent. The school website and Kirklees website would also be updated. If you hear that school is closed could you please let any neighbours know who attend school with children and please keep your child at home.
  3. If you do not receive a message via the Arbor App then school is open.
  4. We would be very grateful if parents could not ring school to check if school is open as the office will not be manned as staff will be trying to get into school.
  5. There will be some parents who do not hear any announcements and will send their children to school. In this event there will be a member of staff on duty to receive them. Every effort will be made to contact parents so that arrangements can be made for the children to return home. It would be of great help to us if you could ensure that we have your up-to-date contact details.


Learning from Home

If we have had to close school, due to adverse weather conditions or other circumstances staff will teach remotely using Microsoft Teams.

Closure During the School Day

If snow does start to fall heavily during the day please do not ring school. An Arbor App Notification will be sent if children need to be collected at an earlier time. Also, after-school clubs would be cancelled and we would send an Arbor App Notification message to parents to let them know about this. The school website and Kirklees website would also be updated.

Please ensure that your child is appropriately dressed for the weather. They will need a change of clothes, gloves and appropriate footwear i.e. wellies.

Accessing the School Site

If there is a heavy snowfall the priority for clearing snow will be to provide one safe access into school.  This will be from Church Road and initially all children may need to enter through the main door.

Playtime and Lunchtime

In the case of snowy weather we make alternative arrangements at playtime and lunchtime as the children can get very wet if they are playing out for any length of time and school does not have the facilities to dry clothes. However, we will organise a playtime for children who are appropriately dressed so they get an opportunity to have fun in the snow!

I sincerely hope that we shall not have to use the above procedures, but felt that it would be useful information for you to have.