WE’D LOVE TO SEE YOU AT OUR NEXT MEETING: Wednesday 6th February, 7pm at The Star, Roberttown.

Committee 2018/2019

Chair: A.Walsh
Vice Chair: D.Hall
Secretary: R.Carr
Treasurer: L. Cole

So what is the Parents and Friends Association anyway?

The PFA is a group of parents, carers, teachers and other ‘friends’ associated with the school. Each year we raise thousands of pounds from events such as the Summer Fair, the Christmas Fair, Coffee Afternoons, School Discos and other fun-filled events.

The money raised by the PFA is donated directly to the school and is spent on extra-curricular equipment and resources to enhance the children’s education. It is usually spent fairly quickly, so you can be sure that in supporting our events, your own child will feel the benefit.

But the PFA is about more than just fundraising. It provides closer links between home and school, and is an excellent way to bring staff, parents and friends together in support of the school.

All parents are automatically members of the PFA when their children join the school. Meetings are held once per half term, usually lasting around an hour, where we discuss and plan upcoming events. We hold an Annual General Meeting at the start of the academic year to elect our committee officials - this is a good time to come along and ask questions, and an ideal opportunity to hear about future events and how the money raised will be spent.

The committee consists of 4 Officers (Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer and Secretary) and usually 6 or 8 other members. You can volunteer to be a committee member or you can simply come along to the meetings and give us your ideas for fundraising events. Don’t worry, we are all ordinary parents/carers of children at Roberttown school, just like you!

If you can’t make our meetings there are lots of other ways that you can support your child through the PFA - offering to help before or during events is so valuable, it really is a case of ‘many hands make light work’. It doesn’t matter if you can’t help on a regular basis, or even if you can’t come into school. There are always jobs that can be done from home if you have half an hour to spare e.g. wrapping gifts or making sandwiches etc.

We couldn’t achieve what we do without the unseen army of help that exists in school.


Meeting minutes


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