School Meals Info

A school meal is available daily and meals are cooked on the premises by Mrs Richardson, our Cook, Mrs Harris, Assistant Cook, and Miss Hooley, Kitchen Assistant. There is a choice of menu with a salad bar and fresh fruit each day. Children in the Reception class come into the Dining Hall first with their own Lunchtime Supervisor, Mrs Turton. Other classes take it in turns to go first for lunch on a rota system.




Vegetarians, and children with specific medical dietary needs are catered for. Please let us know if your child has specific dietary requirements, particularly food allergies or intolerances.

Facilities are provided for children who bring a packed lunch.

Children may change from packed lunch to school lunches, and from school lunches to packed lunches, provided that two school weeks written notice is given. Please ask for a form at the school office or download it from the 'Forms and Letters' page on 'Office Online'.

Children of families in receipt of certain benefits are eligible for free school meals. Free School meal applications are also available at

Phone: 01484 221928

If you would like any further information please contact the school office.

Government guidelines for packed lunches